MD#6 College Park Aviation Museum

Where the Wright Brothers' invention took off

1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive
College Park, MD



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1


Question 2

Emile Berliner had already invented the gramophone, the telephone transmitter and other devices

Question 3

Nine Firsts: 1 (1909) First woman passenger to fly in the USA; 2 (1909) First military pilot to solo in a military aeroplane; 3 (1911) First Army Aviation School; 4 (1911) First testing of a bomb aiming device from an aeroplane; 5 (1912) First testing of a machine gun from an aeroplane; 6 (1912) First mile-high flight by a military aviator; 7 (1918-1921) First U.S. Postal Air Mail Service; 8 (1924) First controlled helicopter flight; 9 (1927-1935) First radio navigational aids developed and tested by the Bureau of Standards


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