About Us

Lynne and Roger Gerber love to travel. In the past 40 years, they have visited 38 countries and 48 states. Most states were visited in the 1970s when they worked for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. In 2014, with children successfully launched and their first careers in education behind them, Lynne and Roger decided to explore the USA again.

So they did a little camping and sightseeing – in the Northwest and in the South.   They hiked to waterfalls, through rain forests and up mountains. They strolled through places rich in America’s history.

To remember and share their travel experiences, they searched destination gift shops for collectible mementos that would both remind them of the place and spark a memory – a new learning, a funny story, a surprise encounter, a new friend, a challenge overcome.

Not finding exactly what they wanted, they created their own mementos — “coaster cards.” With each site’s “signature photo” on the front and some “fun facts” on the back, coaster cards help preserve memories and connect each unique visit to the others.

In 2016, Lynne and Roger began to call their travels “Collecting America’s Story” and the refined their search for Coast to Coast Sites to be those places that are important parts of America’s Story and also are: 1) places that more people should know about and visit; 2) Have a Wow! Factor and 3) Are worth the trip.

They hope you will join them in Collecting America’s Story and collecting your own coaster card series to commemorate your unique encounters with these treasured places in the United States and to share your memories with family and friends.

Criteria for Coast to Coast Sites

In choosing a Coast to Coast Site, Lynne and Roger look for places that:

1) are treasures (special places that make you say "Wow!")

2) more people should know about

3) are well worth the trip

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