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I would like to suggest a new C2C site!
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Help us choose the next Coast to Coaster site!

We hope you'll join us in Collecting America's Story by visiting existing Coast to Coast Sites; collecting memories and coaster cards as you visit each site; and helping us find future C2C sites.

A C2C site must be a place that commemorates an important part of America's story. Additionally, it must be:

  1. a special place that makes visitors say "Wow!"
  2. somewhere that more people should know about
  3. well worth the trip 

If a site you suggest becomes a C2C site, we will credit you with the "find" on our website, and send you a "four pack" of the first coaster card made of that site. 

Let us know which category the site fits into, so that we can work to have a good variety in each state's series.

  • historic sites (where history lives)
  • attractions (where there is something to do and/or ride)
  • museums  (where you can find fun facts and artifacts)