MD#12 Hampton National Historic Site

When completed in 1790, possibly the largest private home in the U.S.

535 Hampton Lane
Towson, MD



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1

In the late 18 hundreds, iron was needed to cast cannons and ammunition. To make iron, one needs iron ore, limestone, waterpower, timber (to fuel the furnace) and laborers. The Hampton House plantation had all these items on site.

Question 2

Enslaved people are owned; they are forced to work for no pay and cannot leave unless freed by their owners. Indentured servants enter into agreements with their masters for a specified period of time; In exchange for their servitude, indentured servants are promised something in exchange (maybe free travel from England to America or a piece of land).

Question 3

At the end of the Civil War, slavery was abolished. Plantation owners could not make a profit without indentured servants or slaves. Over the years the Ridgely Family sold off parts of their land and eventually in 1948 turned over the remaining 69 acres to a foundation that paid the government the taxes due.


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