MD#8 Historic Sotterley Plantation

1699, James Bowles buys 2,000 acres on the Patuxent River

44300 Sotterley Ln
Hollywood, MD



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1

Land and wealth meant power and social standing. Owners of Sotterley were all wealthy, but earned, inherited, or borrowed their wealth through other means. It was desired that the farm would make money, but some years were better than others. The main money crop in the 1700’s was tobacco. By the 1800s the money crop was wheat. From 1699 to 1864, Sotterley owners used enslaved labor.

Question 2

During the mid to late 1700’s Sotterley was the most prosperous. At almost 7,000 acres there were 93 enslaved working and living at Sotterley in 1780.

Question 3

In 1864, slavery was finally abolished in Maryland and the economic plantation system collapsed. By the end of the 1800’s, Sotterley had declined considerably. Sotterley went through a Colonial Revival during the early 1900’s.


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