NC#8 Historic Bath

1690's European settlement near Pamlico River leads to the founding of North Carolina's first town in 1705

207 Carteret St.
Bath, NC



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1

The town of Bath was named after John Granville, first earl of Bath, England.

Question 2

Edward Teach is better known as Blackbeard the pirate. He came to Bath in June 1718 to accept King George’s Act of Grace, a pardon for crimes of piracy. The pardoning was handled by Governor Charles Eden, who lived near Bath. In September 1718, Teach appeared before the Vice-Admiralty Court because he wanted permission to keep goods from an “abandoned” ship he found and was granted that permission. The pirate was killed later that same year in a battle against the British Royal Navy at Ocracoke.

Question 3

A port of entry in Colonial times was a government approved location for ships to bring in their cargoes on which taxes were paid to the king. Bath residents made an official request in 1715 to be designated a “Sea Port Town” and that request was granted in writing from England in 1716, making it the first official port of entry for the colony.


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