SC#5 Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

Birthplace of the Carolina Colony

1500 Old Towne Rd
Charleston, SC



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1

A1: King Charles II of England

Question 2

A2: Charles Towne had a direct tie to the West Indian island of Barbados, whose sugar industry required large supplies of natural resources, primarily timber products, which Barbados lacked. The Carolina colony possessed vast timber forests as well as prime agricultural lands. Additionally, many of the colonists, who arrived in Carolina during the first few years, were English transplants from Barbados.

Question 3

A3: Most likely, yes. Weather was not as exact of a science in 1670, so we cannot confirm that it was actually a hurricane. The colonists describe a storm that forced three Spanish vessels back to sea after ripping them from their anchorage. These vessels were part of an attempted attack sent from the Spanish fort at St. Augustine.


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