SC#8 South Carolina Military Museum

Honoring the South Carolina Citizen Soldier from 1670 to the present

1 National Guard Rd.
Columbia, SC



Coaster Card Answers

Question 1

A1: A gorget is a crescent-shaped neck guard used during medieval times to protect the neck from sword attacks. As time went on and weapons / tactics evolved, the gorget became unnecessary and instead turned into a military status symbol. For example, during the Revolutionary War, officers would wear gorgets around their necks to set them apart as commanders. Some people believe that the crescent on the South Carolina state flag was inspired by the gorget, specifically the crescent badges worn on the caps of the 2nd SC Infantry Regiment. Their commander, COL William Moultrie, designed the first state flag and stated he was influenced by those crescent badges.

Question 2

A2: “Swamp Fox” named after Francis Marion, who was a partisan commander and militia leader in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War era.

Question 3

A3: Eight -1- Dozier, James C. -2- Foster, Gary Evans -3- Hall, Thomas Lee -4- Heriot, James D. -5- Hilton, Richmond H. -6- Stowers, Freddie -7- Sullivan, Daniel A.J. -8- Villepigue, John C.


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